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Testimonials about home remodeling contractor

Good work and excellent service! I am very glad that I turned to you, there is one problem less in my house now.

Quick, high-quality and affordable - what else to expect?

I was freaked out when I realized that my house has termites, but my mother advised to turn to you. Now my home is in complete safety thanks to you. Mom knows better, just like Rot Repair, right?

I did not expect that getting rid of all rot will be so easy. Unfortunately, I did not immediately notice that the windows of my house were damaged, and at first I did not even know what to do. But I started looking for information on how to fix everything and hit the Rot Repair site. These guys quickly reacted and in a few days my windows were in perfect condition.

I was always afraid that my house would be destroyed by termites, so I turned to Rot Repair. They immediately came and checked every corner. Fortunately it turned out that my house was not infected by these pests, but I'm glad to know that you are always ready to help.

One of the best services I've encountered. You probably have never had such a discerning client, but I just wanted my home to be perfect. Thanks for the patience and excellent work!

I did not realize that there was so much damage in my house until I contacted you. How did it just not collapse? But after the Rot Repair took up my house, it lived in a new way, thank you for everything

Rot was a constant problem in my home for many years. But after I asked for help from specialists, I completely forgot about this problem. Thanks to Rot Repair for its excellent service!

I got a house from my grandmother and she definitely was not very carried about it, because the rot was all around the siding. It was a lot of work with which Rot Repair coped perfectly!

The most quality service in my life! I had experience with another repairing company that could not expel termites from my house, but after work on the Rot Repair I never saw these insects anymore.

It's so nice to enjoy your evenings, knowing that your house is in perfect order, thanks to Rot Repair!

All these horrible stories about how termites can eat your home while you sleep seem ridiculous until you really face this problem. Fortunately, Rot Repair has been around for immediate help in coping with this problem. Probably this is the main feature of a good service - always be near.

I am very glad that I turned to you. The fungus always bothered me and whatever I did, it constantly appeared again. I still do not understand how you coped with it, but it completely disappeared and no longer returns!

Incredible work! Thanks for the quality and care

After reading all the reviews, I was expecting the perfect work. And I was surprised when all my expectations came true! I did not think that you could get such an excellent service for such a good price.

Someone should teach these guys to rest! I turned to them several times, and they immediately responded to all my orders and quickly performed them each time.

How amazing to be sure that you always have a friend you can rely on in case of an emergency.

I farewell to the fungus in my house forever right after calling Rot Repair. You are pro in your business!

Our home renovation services

Dry Rot Repair

Dry Rot Repair

Here at Rot Repair we are a leader in repairing and replacing dry rotted wood members at your home. Every house will eventually start…

myhome design & remodeling

Fungus Repair

Fungus is the pre-condition to dry rot in wood members. It is simply a living plant such as a mushroom that feeds on wood…

termite damage repair contractor

Termite Repair

If your home is or was under attack by these little insects, we are here to help. At Rot Repair, our specialty is repairing…

Happy customers share why you should renovation contractors RotRepair

Home repair contractors near me Rot Repair – we are proud to be a leader and craftsman in building, carpentry construction. We are raising the bar in renovation contractors and remodeling near me wood members. Home remodeling service specializing in improvement siding, decking, framing remodel and repair, providing service to residential and commercial remodelers in my area – greater Sacramento metropolitan including Rancho Cordoba, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Elk Grove, Loomis, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Penryn, Auburn, Davis, Vacaville, Cameron Park… for over 20 years.

Always striving for the highest quality of work and best customer home remodel companies. It is our mission to exceed our customers’ expectations in all their construction needs.  If you are looking for professional craftsman to replace your deck, siding, door, trim, hardwood floors and etc., look no further, give us a call for a free in-home estimate at (916)833-1379.
Home remodeling companies Rot Repair Construction Inc. is also known in the Real Estate world as a leading handyman to take care of the findings on termite and home inspection reports in a timely and cost efficient matter.

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Our team consists of only the best professionals.

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Our team will help you save your money, but also get the highest quality service.

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We have a leading position in the market and our awards and certificates confirm this

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No hidden costs: Our pricing policy is very clear and has many profitable offers.

Turnkey remodeling from RotRepair company

The repair of private houses, apartments, renovation of summer cottages and country cottages provides a maximum of opportunities to show their professional skills to the masters of the Rot repair company. These home remodeling services are becoming more and more in demand with the growing popularity of individual remodeling contractors in my area, home repair contractors near me in Sacramento, in remote green areas.

What makes home renovation in the private sector different? First of all, our contractor for home renovation are thoroughly familiar with the characteristics of all currently used construction materials and the technology of working with them. An individual house can be built not only from concrete or brick, but also from ceramic blocks, foam concrete, SIP panels, profiled beams, etc. Accordingly, we carry out repair and finishing work taking into account the characteristics of each of these materials: repairing a brick house is technologically radically different from repairing a wooden house, even if it is only about cosmetic operations!

In addition, often a lot of specific work is involved in house renovation:
• restoration or facing of facades;
• laying (replacement) of not only standard engineering networks (electrical, water supply, sewerage), but also centralized or local ventilation systems;
• repair of the roof, attic or attic space;
• arrangement of thermal insulation;
• creation of original light-transmitting structures on verandas or terraces, etc.

As a rule, such services only supplement a wide range of traditional interior decoration activities for residential, utility and auxiliary premises. But this does not mean that home renovations cannot be done quickly and inexpensively!