Dry rot is a wood-decaying

Dry rot is a wood-decaying condition that compromises the structural integrity of affected wood members. This condition in all cases is caused by moisture and water. Dry rot is actually the result of a fungal infection that infects the starch within the cellulose of the wood components. The prerequisites for the fungus to develop and cause rot, are moisture exposure and warm temperatures. Keeping exterior wood members sealed from the rain and uncontrollable weather elements will help protect your home from dry rot and water damage. Here in Sacramento CA, we don’t get a lot of rain, but due to the dry weather, most homes run their garden sprinklers every day. If the sprinklers overspray onto the structure with wood components, then dry rot will start developing and continue to grow even in the hot summer days.
Some areas of Sacramento, along with the river delta, struggle with high water which means that the soil under the home stays wet throughout the year. This condition can lead to excessive moisture levels in the sub-structure (crawls spaces) that accelerates the growth of fungus and eventual dry rot at the structural framing members. If you own a home along the river in areas such as Fair Oaks, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Downtown Sacramento or Elk Grove, then inspecting your substructure for wet soil is highly recommended. In most cases, proper ventilation will resolve the issues with moisture presence and help prevent expensive dry rot damage. Some of the other common areas for rot development are bathroom floors (tubs and toilets), roof eaves, siding, and decks. Here at Rot Repair, a branch of Good Life Construction, we offer free estimates for any dry rot or water damaged wood repairs that you might need.

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