Dry Rot Repair

Dry rot or just wood rot is identified in wood members such as trim, siding, fascia, roof eaves, doors, etc. that have been damaged by a fungal infection. Most commonly, wood rot is caused by perpetual water exposure from elements such as leaking gutters, sprinklers, or perhaps seasonal rainfall. The dry rot is identified by probing the exterior wood members of house and is most often evident as soft or crunchy wood.

Rot Repair is a branch of Good Life Construction, a family owned company, proudly serving the Sacramento area and the surrounding regions. For the last 10 years, we have been heavily concentrated on providing high quality repair services for our customers and communities, and would like to continue producing the best that we can for many years to come.

We perform FREE estimates and do not charge for additional trips, if necessary. During our initial estimate we evaluate your home based on your needs and requests, and if at all necessary, we will inspect the entire structure to provide a complete overview of the condition of your home. Dry rot is not always obviously evident therefore an inspection every few years is crucial to prevent severe damages to your home. Call us today at 916-833-1379.

Wood rot can affect many areas of your house including secluded locations such as the crawlspace or attic, and the specific cause may vary significantly in every separate case. Identifying the cause of is more vital than repairing any given area, because prevention is the best way to protect your home and your wallet. The most common areas that may be affected by dry rot are trim, siding, doors, roof eaves, fascia, decks, patios, and framing. It takes many years for rot to form, but the continual presence or exposure to water catalyzes the rotting process. Look for standing water in the crawlspace, discoloration at the eaves or siding, leaking sinks or toilets which are all pre-conditions to dry rot.

Rot Repair by Good Life Construction is a leader in the rot repair industry, pursuing your business and partnership. There is no formal way to budget or foresee the cost of repairs for wood rot without having an estimate or inspection beforehand, but we always offer competitive pricing to be your repair company. We are willing to bend our profit margins to ease your financial burden during your home repair or remodeling process. Contact us and set up your introductory appointment today.


You can call us at 916-833-1379 or email us at admin@goodlifeconstruction.com.



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