Termite Repair

When it comes to termites, as a homeowner, it is very easy to be misinformed and taken advantage of. These semi-transparent bugs are small, but they can cause big troubles and headache for many people. The sad truth is that many companies use the stress factor to drive high prices for treatment and repairs. Here at Rot Repair we truly have the experience and expertise in this specific field of home repairs and maintenance, and we are local and part of your community.

Repair costs vary case to case, but providing professional repairs and initiating the proper prevention solutions is the specialty that we offer. Our goal as repair specialists is to ensure that you, as the client, receive fair pricing, high-quality repairs, and honest education for future care regarding termites and their prevention.

First and foremost, a chemical treatment must be performed to ensure the eradication of live termite colonies under or around your house. Rot Repair by Good Life Construction partners with licensed specialists to provide treatment service with certification. An effective treatment plan is the most crucial step toward repairing damages caused by termites. Secondly, exposing the affected areas and evaluating the damages will allow for an accurate estimate for repairs. Because termite damage is most often hidden in wall cavities and in the crawlspace areas it is extremely difficult to gauge the amount of damage without exposure and inspection.

Our mission here at Rot Repair is to provide you with honest and professional services while maintaining a fair cost for your repairs. We are competitive and we want your business because we truly believe that we are the best. Most contractors will turn down termite repairs because to them there is no value in these specific repairs. This field is our bread and butter and we care about our clients and their homes, that which is most important. Call us today for your free consultation and estimate.



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I did not expect that getting rid of all rot will be so easy. Unfortunately, I did not immediately notice that the windows of my house were damaged, and at first I did not even know what to do. But I started looking for information on how to fix everything and hit the Rot Repair site. These guys quickly reacted and in a few days my windows were in perfect condition.

I was always afraid that my house would be destroyed by termites, so I turned to Rot Repair. They immediately came and checked every corner. Fortunately it turned out that my house was not infected by these pests, but I'm glad to know that you are always ready to help.

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I did not realize that there was so much damage in my house until I contacted you. How did it just not collapse? But after the Rot Repair took up my house, it lived in a new way, thank you for everything

Rot was a constant problem in my home for many years. But after I asked for help from specialists, I completely forgot about this problem. Thanks to Rot Repair for its excellent service!

I got a house from my grandmother and she definitely was not very carried about it, because the rot was all around the siding. It was a lot of work with which Rot Repair coped perfectly!

The most quality service in my life! I had experience with another repairing company that could not expel termites from my house, but after work on the Rot Repair I never saw these insects anymore.

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All these horrible stories about how termites can eat your home while you sleep seem ridiculous until you really face this problem. Fortunately, Rot Repair has been around for immediate help in coping with this problem. Probably this is the main feature of a good service - always be near.

I am very glad that I turned to you. The fungus always bothered me and whatever I did, it constantly appeared again. I still do not understand how you coped with it, but it completely disappeared and no longer returns!

Incredible work! Thanks for the quality and care

After reading all the reviews, I was expecting the perfect work. And I was surprised when all my expectations came true! I did not think that you could get such an excellent service for such a good price.

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